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XLSTAT Tips & Tricks




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Our Customer Engagement and Enablement Manager, Thalia Anagnostou, has put together her best XLSTAT Tips & Tricks for you!

Table of contents

  • Anonymize your data
  • Use XLSTAT functions directly in Excel cells
  • Add interpretations to your results sheet
  • Design your own XLSTAT ribbon
  • Define your missing values in XLSTAT
  • Run your analysis on filtered data
  • Export XLSTAT charts to different formats
  • Automate your analysis and 10 more tips

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Trainer Profile

Thalia Anagnostou

Webinar Speaker

After experiencing the challenges and needs of data analyst’s role in various fields and countries, Thalia Anagnostou, Customer Engagement and Enablement Manager at Lumivero, has been in charge of technical support and pedagogical content creation for XLSTAT and other data software solutions. With a user centric approach, Thalia Anagnostou teaches how to leverage XLSTAT functionalities for any statistical project.

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