Tips & Tricks for Descriptive Statistics

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Tips & Tricks for Descriptive Statistics




45 minutes


Descriptive Statistics is among the most popular features of XLSTAT. We will teach you how to use its numerous options and outputs to describe a large number of quantitative and qualitative variables with a few clicks.

Table of contents

  • The purpose of descriptive statistics
  • Basic descriptive statistics for quantitative variables
  • Basic descriptive statistics for qualitative variables
  • Descriptive statistics for variables divided into subsamples
  • Studying the link between one quantitative and one qualitative variable
  • Customizing XLSTAT boxplots and bar charts

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Trainer Profile

Thalia Anagnostou

Webinar Speaker

After experiencing the challenges and needs of data analyst’s role in various fields and countries, Thalia Anagnostou, Customer Engagement and Enablement Manager at Lumivero, has been in charge of technical support and pedagogical content creation for XLSTAT and other data software solutions. With a user centric approach, Thalia Anagnostou teaches how to leverage XLSTAT functionalities for any statistical project.

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