Tips & Tricks for Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)

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Tips & Tricks for Analysis of Variance




45 minutes


The Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) is among the most popular features of XLSTAT. We will teach you how to use some of its most useful options and interpret their corresponding outputs in order to get powerful and significant insights from your data.

Table of contents

  • The purpose of ANOVA
  • One way ANOVA
  • Multiple pairwise comparisons
  • Verify the ANOVA assumptions
  • Correcting heteroscedasticity issues
  • A non-parametric equivalent to the one-way ANOVA
  • Q&A Session

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Trainer Profile

Valentin Bartkowiak

Webinar Speaker

Valentin is a passionate member of our team who holds a Master’s degree in Statistics and joined us in 2021. He started as a statistics developer and has been involved in improving and developing various statistical features. Now he also helps create statistical content and hosts webinars to show you how to easily analyze your data with XLSTAT.

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