Business Insights Through Data Using Excel

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Business Insights Through Data Using Excel




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The field of business analytics is growing in popularity in both academia and industry sectors worldwide, and this webinar showcases the new textbook Business Analytics: Applied Modelling and Prediction by SAGE Publications. The book helps data professionals and students understand and apply different quantitative analyses, combined with qualitative insights, to provide specific recommendations to businesses and clients. Predicting the Unknown establishes a comprehensive framework designed to guide your understanding of the future trajectory of AI. It equips you with valuable insights on how to effectively prepare for the imminent changes unfolding in the coming years, whether on a societal level or within a business context. This book is intentionally non-technical, steering clear of equations and intricate technical explanations. Instead, it caters to the intellectually curious reader and the technically adept individual, offering historical details that provide context to our current AI landscape.

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Learn how to anticipate market shifts and adapt effectively in a changing consumer landscape in this webinar. By analyzing historical performance alongside new data, businesses can discern industry trends, pinpoint improvements, and make informed data-driven decisions.

Trainer Profile

Dr. Stylianos Kampakis

Associate Professor at the London School of Economics

Dr. James Abdey is an Associate Professor (Education) in Statistics at the London School of Economics, having gained his PhD in 2010 from LSE, asking "To p, or not to p?"! He teaches the Department's large service-level undergraduate courses in mathematical statistics and quantitative methods, as well as elective courses in market research. His research interests include market research techniques and forensic statistics - the interplay of statistics and the law. Dr. Abdey has been closely involved with LSE's Summer School and the University of London International Programmes for a number of years. He helped launch the BSc in Data Science and Business Analytics, with students currently registered in a number of countries. Outside of academia, he has also worked on various quantitative-based consultancy projects in areas including the art market and the World Gold Council.

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