Assessment of the Panel Performance in CATA and RATA Experiments

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Assessment of the Panel Performance in CATA and RATA Experiments




50 minutes


The CATA and RATA tasks have extensive use in sensory research. While primarily intended for consumer evaluation, they also serve as alternatives to profiling tasks and are suitable for trained judges. In such instances, it is vital to analyze the panel's performance and conduct a multivariate analysis of sessions.

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This webinar enables you to take a deeper dive into the analysis of CATA and RATA data with XLSTAT.

Trainer Profile

Dr. Fabien Llobell

Head of Quantitative Research at Lumivero

Dr. Fabien Llobell is a world-renowned sensometrics expert with a PhD in statistics. He has made a significant impact on the field of sensory research with his work and has been instrumental in the development of numerous statistical tools and methods. His expertise in the field of statistics and sensometrics has enabled him to develop a range of XLSTAT features, particularly in the sensory menu, that have allowed users to have more and more useful tools at their disposal to analyze their data. Fabien's contributions to the field of Sensometrics have been widely recognized, and he has presented his proposed statistical methods at numerous well-known conferences around the world, such as Pangborn, Eurosense, SDSS, Sensometrics and JSM.

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